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Our solutions for the disinfection of public buildings

As the leader in floor and wall coverings for the healthcare sector and cleanrooms, we offer vinyl coverings that are adapted to the most demanding disinfection protocols.

Detergents, steam or gas disinfection: our advice to ensure maximum health safety in your buildings.


Vinyl: the choice for hygiene

Ultra-resistant and easy to maintain, vinyl is the most suitable product to meet drastic demands in terms of building hygiene. Our vinyl floor coverings are very resistant to all types of disinfection protocols:

  • chemical disinfectants
  • high temperatures of steam disinfection
  • ultraviolet light from UV disinfection
  • ozone and hydrogen from gas disinfections
  • mechanical cleaning action

Our cleaning advice

Depending on your hygiene demands and requirements, several protocols can replace detergents. If the use of detergents is flexible, inexpensive and suitable for busy environments and open spaces, alternative solutions prevent the use of chemicals:

  • steam disinfection, based on water temperature and pressure, ecological and economical but with fluctuating results and not suitable for large areas
  • UV disinfection, destruction of microorganisms using ultraviolet lamps, used in particular for treadmills and worktops, suitable for unoccupied rooms, without hidden areas, and requiring personal protective equipment to be worn
  • ozone disinfection, transformation of oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3) using a generator, practiced in particular in food industries, buses and gyms, making it possible to disinfect closed, sealed and unoccupied rooms (ozone is a health hazard)
  • hydrogen peroxide disinfection (H202), used in particular for laboratory cleanrooms, suitable for small areas that are closed, sealed and unoccupied, in a controlled environment (T°C/RH), an effective but costly and corrosive solution for surfaces

Our complete solutions for optimal hygiene

In order to ensure the hygiene of your buildings, we offer a complete range of products to complement our floor coverings:

  • flexible or rigid wall coverings with the same features as our flooring in terms of resistance to all disinfection protocols: in particular, the Decoclean ranges for cleanrooms and the Mural Ultra range that are flexible and easy to clean thanks to the Protecsol surface treatment
  • coving systems, floor and wall connections and welding rods to ensure complete waterproofing
  • Bacteriostatic handrails for ergonomic and easy cleaning
  • carpets, reducing up to 90% of the amount of dirt entering the building

Discover our other solutions and offers for perfect hygiene

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