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Coronavirus: Treated flooring to limit the spread

As the leading supplier of floor and wall coverings for the healthcare sector and cleanrooms, we are helping you to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Analyzed by virologists, our floor coverings and accessories perform very highly.


Antiviral properties on our floor coverings

When people infected with Covid-19 sneeze, they can project droplets onto the flooring, so floor coverings are significant spreading vehicles. Our solution for making these surfaces safe? Providing you with floor coverings and accessories with antiviral properties. Tested in accordance with ISO 21702 by the independent laboratory Virhealth, our flooring achieved excellent scores:

  • 99.7% reduction in the number of viruses after 2 hours on our floors with Evercare or Protecsol 2 surface treatment
  • 99.9% reduction in the number of viruses after 2 hours on our SPM Lineatouch handrails

Our range that is dedicated to exposed environments

Floor coverings and accessories for the health environment, controlled environments or life sciences: we design high-performance products in terms of hygiene. 4 Gerflor ranges to combat the spread of viruses:

  • Mipolam flooring with exclusive Evercare surface treatment
  • Taralay Premium floor coverings, also treated with Evercare
  • Taralay Impression flooring with Protecsol 2 surface treatment
  • Vinyl SPM Linea'Touch handrails

Some products from Gerflor's ranges to combat the spread of viruses

Discover our other solutions and offers for perfect hygiene

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