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Design is the core of our expertise

At Gerflor creativity is not an occasional, intuitive or spontaneous phenomenon, but a plant that is cared for and nourished patiently and methodically every day.

2022 Design trends

Blue, the color of serenity

Blue delights as much as it soothes: a never-ending list of shades to choose from depending on our moods and imagination.
Considered the color of the Gods by Egyptians, blue is pure and elegant, etc.

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Timber Camp, nature experience

This type of trend, Timber Camp, is the art of combining both vintage and modernity but also materials. Like a real factory, accessories and decorations bring together three main groups: wood, leather and concrete, etc.

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Materico, the durable and evocative architectural space

The new Materico trend is an endless source of inspiration introducing new materials that transform our indoor vibe. Granite, terrazzo, concrete, etc.

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Gerflor Design Lab

Composed of designers, graphic designers and colorists, the Gerflor Design Lab deciphers current trends in fashion, architecture and design and anticipates their development over the coming years.

Their aim: offer future collection designs, textures and colors today, which will decorate tomorrow's interiors.


Gerflor, the flooring group

Gerflor creates, manufactures, and brings to market innovative, decorative and eco-responsible complete solutions for resilient floors, wall coverings, and accessories, from installation to finishings for commercial environments.


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