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With anti-slip performance ranging from R10 to R12, Gerflor anti-slip flooring is available in a wide range of colors.

With its surface being resistant to heavy loads, it will enable you to fit out your changing rooms, collective kitchens, bars/restaurants and other walkways.

Safeties by Gerflor

Anti-slip flooring is designed for use in collective kitchens, changing rooms, access ramps, bars/restaurants, walkways. It has an R10-R12 anti-slip rating to meet safety requirements. Our flooring does not contain silicon carbide which makes them easier to cut and handle.

The anti-slip flooring range offers a wide range of durable colors. Vous pouvez facilement personnaliser vos espaces tout en étant sûr de la qualité de sols Gerflor. Our flooring is designed to be resistant to stains and warping. It is easy to maintain. All our flooring is certified by independent bodies and has also undergone numerous in-house tests.

Gerflor is an eco-friendly manufacturer. We have set up a flooring and manufacturing waste recycling program. All flooring in the anti-slip range is 100% recyclable.

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