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  • Commercial Flooring
  • Multi-layered Compact
  • Wear layer > 0,9 mm, with NO filler for an outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance : very heavy traffic resistance
  • Glass fibre grid : durable two-dimensional stability
  • Protecsol® mat surface treatment : easy maintenance
  • Design within the whole thickness of the wearlayer : durable and bright colours
  • TVOC after 28 days <10 µg/m3 : indoor air quality

1. Protecsol® mat surface treatment
2. 1 mm pure PVC wearlayer
3. Fiber grid + compact backing

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Design Type
Design name
3435 Nemesis

Format: Rolls

3438 Iris

Format: Rolls

3439 Europa

Format: Rolls

3442 Doris

Format: Rolls

3445 Elektra

Format: Rolls

3446 Eden

Format: Rolls

4036 Vesta

Format: Rolls

4037 Gyptis

Format: Rolls

4038 Delia

Format: Rolls

4039 Pan

Format: Rolls

4159 Kalliope

Format: Rolls

4160 Hermione

Format: Rolls

4161 Hilda

Format: Rolls

4162 Adonis

Format: Rolls

4163 Flore

Format: Rolls

4164 Eros

Format: Rolls


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Taralay Millenium - Brochure
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Technical datasheets
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Taralay Millenium Compact - Technical Datasheet
Product description
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Taralay Millenium Compact - Product Description
56 Ko
Taralay Millenium Compact - Product description
56 Ko
Fire certificate
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Taralay Millenium Compact - Fire Certificate
151 Ko
Declaration of Performance
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Taralay Millenium Compact - DoP
718 Ko


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