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Gerflor saint-paul-trois-chateaux

Production: Limiting our carbon footprint

As a crucial stage in the product life cycle from an environmental point of view, our production has evolved over the years to limit the carbon footprint of our sites.

What is our strategy? To develop local production to reduce transportation, reduce the energy consumption of our plants and have them certified to improve their continuous operation.


Favoring local production

Attached to the "Made In France" label, Gerflor is very much rooted in France. By working on a local scale as much as possible, we reduce our carbon impact linked to transportation, a very energy-intensive activity. Because of this, the following are based in France:

  • 6 plants, out of 19 worldwide
  • 1,900 employees, out of 4,000 in total
  • 2 logistics platforms
  • 2 R&D centers
  • 1 integrated design studio

Reducing the energy consumption of our plants

In recent years, we have significantly reduced the energy consumption of our production sites by working on several levers:

  • More energy-efficient industrial heating and cooling facilities in all of our French plants (Tarare, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, Grillon). Consequently, the use of closed-loop cooling systems has significantly contributed to the drop in water consumption in these plants: from 1.5 million m3 per year to 0.25 million since 2000!
  • Production lines that consume less energy, incorporating the best techniques for optimizing energy efficiency. For example, the new "2-meter" rolls line at our Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux plant has enabled its consumption to be reduced by 30%
  • The transition to 100% green electricity certified in all our plants powered by hydroelectric energy 
  • More and more electric vehicles instead of diesel trucks. For example, in 2019, all diesel semi-trailers used for handling were replaced by electric tractors at our Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux plant, and at Tarare, all handling vehicles have been electric since 2022
Gerflor - production

Moving toward increasingly exemplary plants

More generally, we have embarked upon an ethical policy of continuous operational improvement for our plants. As such, all of our sites are certified:

  • ISO 9001 for quality
  • ISO 14001 for environment
  • ISO 50001 for energy

Our actions have been particularly focused on comfortable working conditions for our employees in the plant, with:

  • Optimized acoustic performance for all new industrial projects: For example, the new production line at our Tarare plant incorporates the latest technologies available in terms of soundproofing
  • Replacement systems for flue gas treatment to ensure minimal impact

Other stages in the life cycle of our products

Stringent product certifications and labels

Our policy in terms of sustainable development has already enabled us to obtain stringent product certifications and labels. These standards recognize our efforts in terms of: 

  • floor covering durability: UPEC A+ 

  • sustainable development: Cradle to Cradle 

  • reduction of pollutant emissions: Blue Angel, M1, A+, floor score 

Our products also contribute to obtaining environmental standards for buildings: LEED, HQE 


Gerflor, the flooring group

Gerflor creates, manufactures, and brings to market innovative, decorative and eco-responsible complete solutions for resilient floors, wall coverings, and accessories, from installation to finishings for commercial environments.


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