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Gerflor Linoleum, a high-performance product

Made in Germany since 1882 and Cradle to Cradle™ Silver certified (Marmorette, Colorette, Arabesque, Uni Walton, Lino Art), this product is suitable for even the most demanding projects!

DLW linoleum is composed of 98% natural materials (bio-sourced and minerals). It’s just our way of connecting people with nature.


A beautiful range of designs and colors

With 159 unique colors – 63 of which are new – 9 designs or patterns – 3 of which are new – linoleum offers an abundant range to suit all interiors. We have created several ranges:

Timeless classics

  • Historical designs evoking a natural landscape: marble or foam effects with an assortment of revisited colors
  • Classic and lightly textured designs with vibrant tones or plain tones, with a matte effect inspired by Le Corbusier

Lino Art Series

  • Urban style ranges around 3 main types of designs: striated, terrazzo, and mineral concrete

The timeless classics

Lino Art Series

Different ranges for specific uses:

Educational institutions, housing and industry: we offer ranges that meet different requirements in terms of usage:

  • Compact linoleum: available in 2 mm/2.5 mm/3.2 mm thickness in the Arabesque, Marmorette, Colorette, Uni Walton, Lino Art collections
  • Acoustic linoleum: available in 15 dB for Acoustic or 19 dB for Acoustic Plus
  • high-level mechanical traffic: available in 4 mm thickness
  • dissipative flooring for ESD protected areas (EPA)
  • Sport linoleum available in 3.2 mm/4 mm thickness for gyms and sports halls

We also supply made-to-order products in acoustic, tile or Bfl-S1 versions.


Our way of connecting people with nature

Composed of 98% bio-sourced or mineral materials, linoleum performs well over time:

  • Resistant to heavy use related to pedestrian and mechanical traffic
  • Micro-resistant to scratches
  • Hygienic thanks to antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • Easy maintenance thanks to Neocare surface treatment
  • Health safety with very low VOC emissions (rate < 10 micrograms/m3 after 28 days)
  • Acoustic comfort with insulation up to 19 dB
  • Well-being from this flexible and resistant surface, suitable for children
  • Suitable for underfloor heating

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