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Adhesive free installation, for lower emissions and more flexibility

To reduce VOC* emissions associated with adhesives, we have developed innovative products that can be loose-laid, without glue. The three key benefits of adhesive free installation:

  • No VOCs associated with adhesives
  • Easier and faster to install
  • Easier to remove and re-use or recycle

In spaces where laying with adhesive is necessary, we recommend using solvent-free acrylic glues with low VOC emissions, certified EMICODE EC1 and EC1 PLUS..

*Volatile Organic Compounds.


Sustainable and reliable solutions, validated by cstb technical approvals

All innovative solutions marketed by Gerflor in France are subject to a Technical Approval (AT) or an Experimental Technical Assessment (ATEx) issued by the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB). The Technical Approval or ATEx certifies the robustness and durability of the products or laying techniques offered by Gerflor. 

In contrast, products and laying solutions without any CSTB Technical Approval or ATEx present a higher risk of disputes, which most often result in removal and scrapping of the first floor covering and laying a new one.

Know more about CSTB

A pre-cutting Or length-to-measure service to reduce laying offcuts


Gerflor offers its customers a pre-cutting service prior to shipping, as well as manufacturing custom lengths.
This applies to Sport products in the Taraflex range, for example.

Products supplied in rolls and distributed by large DIY stores and interior design specialists can also be cut in our factories to dimensions requested by end customers.



Improving indoor air quality

A response to our changing lifestyles

Many of us tend to spend 90% of our time indoors, in homes, sports halls, offices, public buildings, etc. Since most building materials emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), indoor air quality has become a major health issue.

We have reduced VOC emissions down to levels up to 100 times lower than required by standards. Our products do not emit any formaldehyde.


All Gerflor products are certified A+, the most high-performance emissions level for building products. Gerflor products are also Floorscore certified. Most of our products emit less than 10 μg/m3 after 28 days. Examples include the Creation, Premium, Taralay Impression, Mipolam and DLW Linoleum ranges.

Gerflor Environnement Usage Certif En



Improving sound insulation


Gerflor flooring reduces noise by up to -20 decibels Noise is increasingly recognised as a threat to people’s quality of life and comfort, especially in residential, hospitality, health and education sectors. Our solution is for almost all Gerflor ranges to offer acoustic product versions incorporating a foam or cork backing to help reduce:

Gerflor has also developed a specific range of acoustic underlays for vinyl tiles and planks.


Cork for its acoustic properties

Cork is a 100% natural and rapidly renewable material. Gerflor is one of the few manufacturers to use cork to help soundproof its floor coverings, such as Saga2.


Flooring designed to last

Wear from traffic is the first threat to any floor covering. Gerflor ranges include products suitable for both heavy foot traffic (rooms in public buildings, shops, etc.) and regular machine traffic (forklifts in warehouses). Our flooring products are also designed to resist the sources of damage in their environment: piercing, scratches, chemicals, temperature fluctuations, humidity, etc. We are the only manufacturer to offer products with a 100% pure homogeneous wear layer particularly well adapted to withstand heavy use: Premium, Taralay Millenium, GTI, Attraction.



More visual comfort for less energy

Lighter-coloured flooring for lower energy consumption

The issue of light reflectance as a source of potential energy savings is central to new environmental regulations and programmes, including the HQE approach, E+C- label, RE 2020, and more.

The light reflectance value (LRV) is the quantity of light energy reflected relative to that absorbed. A pale floor reflects more light and helps delay the need to turn on artificial light: it is estimated that a pale colour can reduce energy consumption associated with lighting by 60% compared with a dark colour.

Gerflor offers a wide variety of colours with Light Reflectance Values ranging from 6% to 86%, enabling architects to select the most suitable flooring for the light conditions of each project.


Reducing accident risks


The placement of colours with very contrasting LRV ratings can be used to improve traffic flow, clearly signal obstacles and reduce accident risks, particularly for people with impaired vision.

This is why all our flooring ranges, wall protections and finishes offer extensive colour ranges with LRV rating variations exceeding 70%.

The Taralay Digital Printing range allows architects to customise colours to suit the LRV requirements for their project.

Discover MyTaralay Digital Printing



Hygiene also includes clean floors and walls

As a world leader in floor coverings for hospitals and medical/welfare environments, Gerflor provides a comprehensive offering for improved floor and wall hygiene and reduced risk of infection.


Antibacterial action

All our linoleum floor coverings have natural antibacterial properties due to the linseed oil and pine resin used in their manufacture. In addition to natural properties Gerflor R&D has developped a revolutionary surface treatment NeocareTM, a new solvent-free surface protection. Extremely hard wearing due to triple, laser uv cross-linking. The result of Gerflor R&D expertise, giving DLW new collection outstanding technical features for a healthy and durable use, with easy cleaning and maintenance. Compliance with the floor cleaning protocols enables the antibacterial action to be preserved over time. SPM handrails are fitted with antibacterial seals to prevent contamination.


The ISO 21702 standard enables testing antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces. Tests performed based on ISO 21702 by an independent laboratory, Virhealth, show that: Gerflor flooring with EvercareTM, Protecsol®2 or Neocare surface treatment shows exceptional antiviral activity against coronavirus strains: the treatments reduce virus quantity by 99.7% after 2 hours.

Gerflor solutions against Coronavirus


For showers, Gerflor offers a complete 100% watertight Floor + Wall + Accessories system validated by a CSTB Technical Approval.

A waterproof weld between sections: Gerflor floor and wall coverings are hot-welded for absolute hygiene and

Coving: coving makes it easier to clean in corners and at floor/wall joins while ensuring excellent watertightness.


Entrance mats

Our ROMUS entrance mats are key contributors to hygiene performance in buildings. They help prevent soiling of floors
and premature wear while also decreasing cleaning costs.





Easier and extremely reduced cleaning

Over a floor covering’s entire life cycle, cleaning alone represents 25% of the product’s environmental impact. Cleaning requires substantial consumption of water, energy and cleaning products.

Thanks to the introduction of revolutionary surface coatings
on Gerflor ranges, such as EvercareTM and Protecsol®2, the environmental impact of cleaning has been cut in half over
the last 10 years.

Not only that, but our various surface treatments provide even greater protection for floor coverings. They eliminate the need for costly buffing treatment throughout the product’s entire lifetime.
They offer better stain resistance, make cleaning easier and helping save on water and detergent.





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