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COMMERCIAL ServicesNewsVertical Clic (R)evolution : the best LVT clic of the market

Vertical Clic (R)evolution : the best LVT clic of the market


Easy, fast and strong : the Vertical Clic developed and patented by Gerflor is the reference of flooring professionals. Acclaimed by installers and rewarded by several prizes in Europe, Vertical Clic (R)evolution is without any doubt the best LVT clic of the market. It is of course available across the whole new Creation collection.

With you at every step ! Gerflor customer promise has never been so true when talking about Vertical Clic (R)evolution. With this exclusive technology, Gerflor is about to revolutionize the installation of Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Indeed, our designers and engineers have developed Vertical Clic (R)evolution to make your floor installation :

  • Easy : with a Vertical Clic, the nightmare of rooms corners are over !
  • Fast : with a Vertical Clic, your installation is 30% faster, saving you time and money !
  • Strong : the Vertical Clic is 5 times more resistant to heavy traffic than any other clic on the market !
  • Comfortable : the Vertical Clic reduces walking noise by -10dB in comparison with laminate flooring !
  • Safe : the Vertical Clic is water resistant with no infiltration in joints !
  • Sustainable : the Vertical Clic is produced in the most eco-efficient factory in the world, with CO2 emission by sqm 10 times lower than standard LVT process !
  • Beautiful : the Vertical Clic is available across the whole Gerflor LVT collections and their great and various designs !

Definitely, Gerflor Vertical Clic is the best LVT clic of the market.

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