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  • Commercial Flooring
  • Multi-layered Compact

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Commercial flooring - Heterogeneous Compact

  • Easier & faster cleaning with Protecsol® 2 surface treatment
  • Matt effect for enhanced design: ultra-realistic design
  • The best acoustic/indentation performance on the market for comfort flooring : 0.03 mm-8dB
  • High traffic resistance, long lasting appearance
  • Indoor air quality: Highest performance in TVOC emission < 10 μg / m3
  • 1 - Protecsol® 2  surface treatment
  • 2 - Transparent wear layer
  • 3 - Printed design
  • 4 - Fibre glass grid
  • 5 - Compact backing
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Design Type
Design name
0025 Renzo Taupe

Format: Rolls

0068 Renzo Pecan

Format: Rolls

0371 Noma Rustic

Format: Rolls

0373 Noma Ice

Format: Rolls

0519 Noma Beige

Format: Rolls

0522 Habana Trinidad

Format: Rolls

0523 Genova

Format: Rolls

0524 Capri

Format: Rolls

0525 Modena

Format: Rolls

0528 Walnut Cream

Format: Rolls

0538 Habana Vinales

Format: Rolls

0543 Brescia

Format: Rolls

0671 Loft Light Brown

Format: Rolls

0680 Infinity Greige

Format: Rolls

0719 Infinity Lichen

Format: Rolls

0720 Infinity Aube

Format: Rolls


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Protecsol 2 technology - brochure
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Taralay Impression - Brochure
11.05 Mo
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Taralay Impression & Uni - Card
2.71 Mo
Technical datasheets
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Taralay Impression Compact - Technical Datasheet
137 Ko
Product description
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Taralay Impression Compact - Product description
55 Ko
Fire certificate
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Taralay Impression Compact - Fire Certificate
947 Ko
Installation guidelines contract
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301 - Installation Guidelines - Homogeneous et Compact multilayered rolls - Laying techniques
203 Ko
Maintenance instruction by product
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Heterogeneous floors - Maintenance instruction
430 Ko
Declaration of Performance
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Taralay Impression Compact - DoP
719 Ko
Taralay Impression Compact Plus - DoP
712 Ko
Colour matching & equivalences' charts
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Equivalences chart - Taralay Impression & Uni 2017
15.95 Mo
Discontinued range - Taralay Impression & Uni
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New Taralay Impression Range and Equivalence
4.34 Mo
Taralay Impression & Uni
2.04 Mo
Taralay Impression & Uni - Card


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