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Our Global approach


Optimised logistics network

  • 13 production sites
  • 4,200 employees
  • 29 subsidiaries
  • 7 logistics platforms
  • 5 R&D centres


Located in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux (Drôme region in France), this new-generation production site is entirely eco-designed, incorporating energy efficiency and intensive treatment of recycled materials.
By deploying a gravity-based process, 30% of energy per m² is saved, as compared with industry standards.



All Gerflor sites ISO Certified



ISO 9001


ISO 14001


ISO 50001





Progressive production sites


Gerflor production sites are among the most advanced in the industry




Energy efficiency

In recent years, the industrial heating and cooling systems at our French production sites in Tarare, Saint-Paul, and Grillon have been replaced with higher efficiency energy systems. In addition, the design of new production lines and re-engineering of existing resources have enabled us to reduce energy consumption by incorporating best practice technologies.
For example, the new “2 metre” roll line in Saint-Paul has resulted in a 30% reduction in energy consumption


Moving to all-electric

Diesel vehicles used for handling trailers at the Saint-Paul site were replaced with electric tow tractors in 2019. Also, all handling vehicles at the Tarare production site will be electric by 2022.
This will significantly contribute to reducing the site’s CO2 emissions.





25% recycled content

Our vinyl products contain 25% recycled materials, on average. Incorporating recycled materials does not affect our product quality and performance. Some of our more technical products contain over 50% recycled materials. All recycled content complies with the European REACH regulation.

Know more about REACH

PVC floor coverings contain on average 57% of mineral components such as chalk or salt, unlike other plastic products.

These components are not subject to resource depletion.

Upcycling*: Gerflor recycles its own products... and other manufacturers’ products

In 2000, Gerflor became the first flooring manufacturer in the world to use a textile backing made from recycled PET bottles. For example, every m² of the Texline range incorporates 4 recylced plastic bottles.

* Upcycling: re-use of end-of-life materials in such a way as to create products of higher quality or value.



World Leader

Floor covering solutions


Recycled materials, recycling of end-of-life products, ISO14001


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Experienced team

Commitment to the success of our customers

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Daily commitment to guarantee our customers total quality and competitiveness.